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Description: Converter Kit, Billet Non Lock-Up-Billet Torque Converter, Non-Lock-Up - 1990-93 Dodge 518
Item #: ATS-3029102116
Condition: New
Price: $991.15

Description: Five Star Kit, 300mm Low Stall-Five Star Torque Converter Kit, Dodge 2300 RPM Stall Quick Flash, 47-RE, 300mm Negative Impeller, Low Stall Stator (Machined Truck Stator)
Item #: ATS-3029652164
Condition: New
Price: $1,710.28

Description: Factory Replacement-Torque Converter, (non lock-up), Rebuilt Factory Replacement
Item #: ATS-3029002116
Condition: New
Price: $991.86

Items 1-3 of 3